• Orlando Watersports Complex helps all get on the water

    This weekend, Orlando Watersports Complex hosted Above The Wake, a local nonprofit that helps disabled kids get on the water. Orlando Watersports Complex staff taught 25 kids with varying degrees of autism how to wakeboard, kneeboard, or ride on top of the water. It was an event where people experienced ...

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  • 10 F&I-related issues that could cost you money

    By Myril Shaw F&I Profit Center is an easy target when it comes to overall store profits that are less than what you would like. F&I is easy for a reason – they are often to blame. There is more though – and sometimes the expenses that occur when a ...

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The Regal 3300

Volvo Penta

Formula Boats

Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover


Helm Master® Integrated boat control system


HPExtreme PWC Docking Platform


CZone Product Showcase, Advanced Digital Switching


70A Trolling Plug

Cleans Tools – The Absorber ®

Boat Lover's Towel 
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Platinum Protection

A treatment with a guarantee.

XP+ Gasoline Treat

X-Tended Protection+ Gasoline


  • At the helm: Capitol Idea!

    By David Gee I love this time of year. It’s my favorite in fact. The sweet spot of the boating season lies ahead, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities to make memories with friends and family and maybe even perfect strangers. As we all know, owning a boat is an ...

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  • Boosting brains – and building brands – online and off

    (Hint)…create better content and tell better stories By David Gee The good news is it has never been easier to reach large numbers of people with our marketing and messaging due to the proliferation of social media platforms and other marketing channels. The bad news though is it has never been more ...

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