• At the Helm: A caring — and concerned — community

    By David Gee I like the word community. I use it a lot. In fact, I likely overuse it, and I’m not the only one. It seems these days especially, more and more advertising, marketing and social media messaging contains, and in some cases co-opts, the word community. So, I ...

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  • Bill Yeargin Correct Craft CEO

    Being “crisis ready”

    By Bill Yeargin The past 100 years has seen one crisis after another; WWI, the Spanish Flu, the stock market crash, the Great Depression, WWII, Korean War, flu’s of the 50’s and 60’s, Vietnam War, Oil Embargo, inflation, sky high interest rates, the ‘87 stock market crash, the Gulf War, ...

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Product Showcase

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  • Boating Industry’s 2020 Top Products

    The seventh annual Boating Industry Top Products brings to you 50 of the recreational marine industry’s best new and innovative products and services to recently hit the market, ranging from boats to engines to electronics and much more. To be eligible for consideration, products or services had to have been ...

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Product Reviews

  • Tapplock one+ Smart Padlock

    Sturdy, secure and easy to use, all certainly good things when it comes to a padlock. A simple press of the power button and place your finger on the sensor and you’re unlocked. What sets the one+ Smart Padlock from Tapplock apart from others is the ability to unlock with ...

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