• Correct Craft launches program to support local nonprofits

    Correct Craft launched “Promote Your Passion”, a contest allowing nine non-profit organizations across Central Florida to promote their cause, without any expense to the nonprofit, through the Orlando Sentinel's website. Correct Craft has arranged for the Orlando Sentinel to promote the work of each of the non-profits who will solicit ...

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  • Elevate your performance by building capacity in these key areas

    By Robert Glazer In 2015, I decided to start sending an email every Friday to all the employees at my company, Acceleration Partners. Many CEOs send out weekly wrap-ups, but I wanted this message to go beyond the typical business-related content. Instead, I wanted to provide inspiration around the concept ...

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Product Showcase


The Regal 3300

Volvo Penta

Formula Boats

Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover


Helm Master® Integrated boat control system


HPExtreme PWC Docking Platform


CZone Product Showcase, Advanced Digital Switching


70A Trolling Plug

Cleans Tools – The Absorber ®

Boat Lover's Towel 
Brandon Martin 630-887-7707,



Platinum Protection

A treatment with a guarantee.

XP+ Gasoline Treat

X-Tended Protection+ Gasoline


  • Are you making any of these email marketing mistakes?

    By Matt Sellhorst Getting the most out of your email marketing is like getting the best performance from your boat. It requires more than just having lots of horsepower. Little tweaks like getting it propped just right, adjusting the trim or ballast, or even weight distribution all combine to deliver ...

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  • 2019 Boating Industry Movers & Shakers

    By David Gee The term “Movers and Shakers” was coined by Arthur O’Shaughnessy in his 1874 poem Ode. It is commonly used to describe those whose achievements are uncommon. For our purposes, the 9th annual Movers & Shakers Awards recognize innovative leaders and pioneers in the recreational boating industry who ...

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