• At the helm: Pulling together

    By David Gee “Good and kind people outnumber all others by thousands to one.” Stephen Jay Gould, an American paleontologist and evolutionary biologist wrote that in a New York Times essay after 9/11. I was reminded of his words, and so many other things associated with that day and event, ...

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Product Showcase

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  • 2021 Boating Industry Movers & Shakers

    By David Gee The 11th Annual Boating Industry Movers & Shakers awards recognize innovative leaders and trailblazers in the recreational boating industry who embrace the challenge of change. Their leadership has been especially critical during this extraordinary past year-and-a-half when it seems as if the only constant in our lives ...

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Product Reviews

  • KONG Coolers Cruiser

    KONG Coolers Cruiser

    When Boating Industry reviewed KONG Coolers’ KONG 50, the only thing we thought the cooler could use to make it unstoppable was a set of wheels. Allow us to introduce the KONG Cruiser, a 50-quart roto-molded cooler made to tackle any terrain you throw at it, without the backbreaking task ...

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