• At the Helm: Driving diversity in the marine workplace

    By Adam Quandt Prior to World War I, three-fourths of all women employed in manufacturing were making apparel or its materials, food or tobacco products, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. During the war, the number of women in the workforce began to increase, as did their opportunities across ...

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  • Solve your SEO troubles by answering your customers’ questions

    By Sarah Prellwitz If you’re struggling with your website’s SEO, you’re not alone. A HubSpot survey revealed the top three challenges for SEO in 2022 are 1) staying up to date on changes to search engine algorithms, 2) ranking highly in search results and 3) identifying useful keywords. These challenges ...

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  • 2022 Women Making Waves

    By Boating Industry Staff Women Making Waves is Boating Industry’s effort to recognize the multitude of women in the industry who have made and continue to make great contributions to its success, propel its growth and lead their organizations and peers into the future. Now in its fifth year and ...

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