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Based on the NMMA 2023 impact study of recreational boating shared we have a $230 billion economic impact; with 95% of all units made and sold in USA. Nice.

Did you know that 61% of owners have an annual household income of 75K or less? Demographics might be important for your sales and marketing teams so pass it on for 2024 budget conversations.

95% of the purchases are smaller towable units (> 26 ft.).  After the OFW expires this customer is in a tough spot as many do not have the extra income for unexpected repairs, right? As part of the shopping experience, showing that you have a way to curb inflationary parts via the extended warranty or service contract is a solid to today‚Äôs market. Research shows your customer is looking (via forums and social media) for a service contract administrator that specializes in protecting all the traditional electronic and mechanical components but also includes audio upgrades, a network of authorized dealerships and coast to coast repair facilities to call on 24/7.

With a cloud-based F&I management platform USWC is the extended service contract provider offering exclusive partnership incentives in addition to profit-sharing and rebate programs. After the factory warranty expires, what protection do you offer your customer? A family owned and operated claims administrator might be your watercraft one stop shop. Mixed inventory? We cover Motorized and Towable Recreational units and Powersport vehicles.

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