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Financing recreational sales in the COVID-19 era

Myril Shaw Dealer Profit Services

By Myril Shaw While the times and circumstances require social distancing and limited direct, face-to-face interactions, and while dealers have clearly developed great virtual/no-touch showrooms and selling techniques, one aspect of consummating the sale has not changed for boat dealers. When a customer wants to finance, the compliance requirements (Red Flag and Patriot Act laws) have not been reduced in ...

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If you want sales success just do this one thing

Sales Success

By Mark Overbye We need a table, but not just any table, for our new boat brand soon to be in production. My wife’s an awesome cook and the prospect of her preparing food on the seat or the gunnel when boating with friends and family isn’t right. You’ve seen it too. Holding a drink between your legs while juggling ...

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Changes to Google impacting your digital marketing

Joe Iribarren, Beyond Creative

By Joe Iribarren These are hard times for many businesses across the globe. Local government is forcing companies to stop operating, while others are voluntarily doing so. And everyone is trying to figure out how to adapt to this ever-changing landscape quickly. I want to give you an update on some changes to Google and how they can impact your ...

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Crisis leadership

Bill Yeargin Correct Craft CEO

By Bill Yeargin The global community is dealing with a crisis unlike anything those of us alive have ever experienced. It feels like we are in some sci-fi movie with a pandemic slowly (or not so slowly) moving across the globe. A crisis like what we are experiencing requires great leadership and, unfortunately, some leaders who are excellent in a ...

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The 4 P’s of business strategy are dead

By Mark Overbye In the olden days of business, a manufacturer drove the product cycle, internally deciding how products got developed and presented in a controlled manner. Developed in the 1960’s, the "4 P's" representing Product, Price, Place, Promotion comprised a business strategy that helped define success in that bygone era. It’s a supplier-sided mindset that defines how products get ...

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The future of boating

By Bruce Van Wagoner Catering to the Millennial Generation The millennial generation is often the subject of speculation as people constantly weigh in on how their actions and reactions will shape history. After all, the millennial population is 85 million strong in the U.S. – the largest in the nation’s history. Naturally, the boating industry is not immune to this ...

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Sell the lifestyle, reap the profit

By Myril Shaw When you sell a boat, you are selling a lot more than a product. You are selling a lifestyle. About 99% of the time, people are not buying any of these products because they need them. They are buying them because they want them, because they have a vision of how much more they will enjoy their ...

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Show customers you care — digitally!

By Lauren Labunsky The holidays are here and it’s a great time of year to truly focus on how your dealership is showing customers that you care about them. This could include things like excellent customer service, a special gift or offer, a holiday-themed sale or event, and more. But just as so much of the customer journey has moved ...

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Marine marketing essentials you need to be doing

By Julie Holemans Let's face it, marketing trends evolve so fast it’s hard to keep up. Except you have to if you want to beat your competition. We looked at the landscape of marine marketing trends and picked the ones that are driving the most profit while being easy to put in place. Marine Marketing Trend #1: Content Marketing Content ...

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