Adam Quandt

Don’t write off the millennial (or any) shopper

As a preface to this blog post, I’m currently in the market for a PWC. I know, it’s not necessarily a boat, but hey, I’m on a budget — and a limited tow rating with my current vehicle. I also happen to be a millennial, which shouldn’t have anything to do with anything. But apparently it does. At least at ...

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The giving season: Good for your community and your team

Another holiday season is upon us and already well underway. While rushing around doing my last minute gift shopping, I had to take a moment to slow down and remind myself that this is truly the giving season. It’s not about what fancy new thingamabob you get from your grandma, or how much you found that doohickey on sale for. ...

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Boating Industry’s new associate editor says hello

A little over two weeks into my new adventure at Boating Industry and I realized I hadn’t introduced myself yet…so, hi! My name is Adam Quandt and I was brought on to serve as the new Associate Editor here at Boating Industry, and I’m super excited to be here and begin this new endeavor. Despite not being a boat owner ...

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