Boating Industry’s new associate editor says hello

A little over two weeks into my new adventure at Boating Industry and I realized I hadn’t introduced myself yet…so, hi!

My name is Adam Quandt and I was brought on to serve as the new Associate Editor here at Boating Industry, and I’m super excited to be here and begin this new endeavor.

Despite not being a boat owner (unless you count my kayak), I’m no stranger to the boating world. I grew up taking fishing trips with my dad and learning to navigate around Canadian lakes in a small aluminum fishing boat, and with a near-constant desire to be on or near the water as much as possible.

I also have connections to the BI magazine through a close friend, whose dad (Bruce Freeman) found himself in various articles in the publication and gracing the cover at least once during his tenure with Larson Boats and later as a national sales manager for Crestliner between the late 80s and mid 90s.

I come from a background in the newspaper industry, serving as the Arts & Entertainment Editor at my university’s newspaper, a reporter for the St. Cloud Times, and most recently as the community editor for the Pioneer in Orono, Minn. After covering everything from campus concerts to city council meetings and everything in between, I’m super pumped to take my words to the water and dive into the boating world (if you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a big fan of puns)!

Though I’ve just barely got my feet wet, I’ve learned so much in my fist couple weeks at BI, with plenty more to learn. Much like my predecessors, I’ve quickly learned that the folks here at BI are determined and dedicated to be the no. 1 source of news for the industry and I’m excited to contribute to reaching that goal.

I look forward to meeting many of you at this year’s MDCE in Orlando in a little less than a week! As Minnesota continues to get colder, I’m getting real excited to see some palm trees, because winter is coming (House Stark fans anyone?)!

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