The giving season: Good for your community and your team

Another holiday season is upon us and already well underway. While rushing around doing my last minute gift shopping, I had to take a moment to slow down and remind myself that this is truly the giving season.

It’s not about what fancy new thingamabob you get from your grandma, or how much you found that doohickey on sale for.

It’s about giving. Giving time, giving resources, giving hope, giving happiness, the possibilities of giving are near endless.

Aside from telling myself while shopping, I was also reminded of this season of giving after receiving a couple of press releases from Yamaha Marine earlier in the month.

On one occasion, the company donated three outboards to two Alabama fire departments; two F90 outboards to the Stevenson Fire Department and one F150 outboard to the Bridgeport Fire Department. On a second occasion, the company donated four boats, trailers and outboards to Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources.

Regardless of what you’re donating – time, resources, etc. – getting in the giving spirit can be a great team-building activity for any business.

From volunteering at your local soup kitchen to creating your own food, clothing, etc. drive at your dealership, donating your time, resources, and more offers an opportunity to bring your entire team together – management, sales and service – for a great cause.

While giving your time, resources, etc. to those who need is a win of its own for your local community, starting your own clothing, food, etc. drive at your dealership can also be a win for your business.

By holding the donation drive at your dealership, your going to get people through your doors that may not typically venture inside. And even though they might not be thinking of buying a boat, they might get the thought/dream in their head after walking in and seeing your showroom.

Regardless of who they are, treat everyone walking through that door to donate as a potential customer.

At the end of the day, donating and organizing whatever you can, can be a great opportunity to bring your team together to grow as one, but most importantly it helps your local community and those in need.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Boating Industry!


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