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Through their unwavering and unsurpassed dedication to all marine dealers and their financial support in underwriting the Top 100, the Leadership Alliance Members are key to advancing the fundamental mission of our Top 100 Awards Program, and we at Boating Industry magazine are grateful to them.

Interested in joining the Leadership Alliance and supporting the best of the best of the recreational boating industry? Contact Boating Industry National Sales Director Leslie Palmer at LPalmer@epgacceleration.com for more information.

2023 Leadership Alliance


Starting in a garage in 1973, musician and sound enthusiast, Steve Irby, created the first full-frequency range speaker box for his band and built his reputation as the brand for premium audio products. He further refined stereo enclosures and Stillwater Designs became known as KICKER, the go-to source for high-performance audio for cars and trucks.

The company  expanded to marine audio in 2006 and today, KICKER Marine Audio manufactures nearly 200 boat-ready, weatherproof and waterproof products sold internationally in 50 countries through a 2,000+ network of loyal, authorized dealers. “Livin’ Loud,” KICKER’s long-time brand message, reflects its lifestyle and adding “GO OVERBOARD!” for the marine marketplace, targets today’s diverse customers who value sound in their boating lifestyles.

KICKER’s impressive 280,000 square foot world headquarters in Stillwater, Oklahoma, employs 200+ music lovers with passion for KICKER’s clear, concert-like quality across a wide volume range, with renowned bass and accurate sound. This clarity relies on keen ears, as Irby personally trained a team of experts who listen to and evaluate each component before it ships.

KICKER Marine Audio focuses on OEMs but also targets the aftermarket segment as boat owners upgrade entertainment systems with source units, subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers and tower systems for current or new boats. A robust, growing dealer network offers expertise, proprietary wiring and technology for proper installation. Components pass and exceed ISO and ASTM industry testing for strength and watertight requirements, including salt, fog, pressure and UV exposure and are durable in the harsh marine environment. For more information: kicker.com/marine-audio

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