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BiT Dealership Software - Marina & Boat Dealer Management Software Designed Around You

The boat business is not a “one size fits all” industry. So, your dealership management software cannot be either! When investing in software, your company needs a customized system that meets your individualized specialty needs. BiT Dealer Management Software takes great pride not only in what it is, but what it is not:

  • BiT is not a new upstart.  Since 1985 we have been meeting the day-to-day challenges you face operating a boat dealership, boat yard or marina. We understand that whether you are a sales manager, service manager, parts manager, or dockmaster, there are specifics in your job that MUST be handled efficiently and profitably, and we make that happen. 
  • BiT is not a PART of your software solution; it IS your complete software solution.  BiT tracks Parts Inventory and provides Point of Sale over multiple locations. BiT documents quotes, work order estimates and service history. BiT manages every aspect of sales, from inquiries to customer contacts to contracts. BiT offers additional website and F&I integrations. 
  • BiT is not going to “turn you loose” with its program.  Boats are YOUR business, but software is ours. Even the best software navigators need assistance once in a while.  That’s why BiT customers are partnered with excellent support consultants for the long haul. These individuals are committed to the success of your business, providing cloud-based software, which means BiT handles the server backups for you. BiT is a registered Intuit Developer partner and integrates with both the QuickBooks desktop and online versions. It is trusted by hundreds of businesses around the world. 
  • BiT is not a complicated program full of upfront fees and contracts!  Available on PCs, Macs, tablets, and iPads, our software is user-friendly and customer-focused! We provide free price file updates from all major distributors and manufacturers. If your vendors aren’t included on our expansive list, we will add them free of charge! All this is available with no initial cost and no contract.  We are confident you will be happy with BiT so we don’t need to lock you in.
  • BiT is not going to give up on your business. If you have a unique challenge, we support you until that challenge is met. Period. We are committed to lowering your costs by making your business more efficient. We are committed to helping you find new customers, products and services. We equip you to make sound decisions to boost your sales and improve your customer satisfaction.
BiT Dealership Software - Parts Features
  • BiT is not finished developing.  Technology is constantly progressing, so your software management system must grow with it! We strive to continually improve the ease-of-use of our system while adding new features to our technology. Communication with you, our customers, is the top priority in our growth; our regular newsletters offer helpful tips on how to use BiT resources to grow your business. Bottom line, YOUR business is OUR business.

BiT Dealership Management Software is NOT your “one size fits all” solution. It IS the RIGHT solution for your boat business. 

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