• march 2017 bellwether

    Boat sales growth slipped slightly in February

    Boat sales were up year-over-year in February, but at a slightly lower pace than in January, according to the latest Info-Link Bellwether report. According to Info-Link, the Bellwether report tracks sales of powerboats across the country based on new U.S. boat registrations on a rolling 12-month basis. Bellwether states are ...

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  • Jim Jabaay

    Leverage your customers to amplify your dealership on social media

    What is social media? An additional place to list inventory A way to personalize your dealership A task for my niece/nephew because they’re young and were born knowing what to do A waste of time Correct Answer: 2. After auditing a handful of dealership Facebook pages recently, I noticed that ...

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Product Showcase


The Absorber ®




Platinum Protection

XP Gasoline Treatment 158 x 110_8-8-16am

XP+ Gasoline Treat




  • J-Sweet-web560x500

    At the helm: Make way for the connected spender

    We often talk in the boating industry about reaching the “middle class” — that nebulously defined average American. But the Demand Institute is suggesting a new way of looking at consumers — one that makes a lot of sense, especially in a category like boating that is not need-based. In ...

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In This Issue

  • seasonal mending

    Ready your service department for seasonal launch

    Winterization is pivotal for proper boat care in a seasonal climate. Equally important is getting boats out of winterization and ensuring they run smoothly for customers the first time they are ready to finally hit the water. Right now it’s time to get your shop ready and stocked now so ...

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