GOST, Perko announce partnerships with DuraBrite

GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies) announced a partnership with DuraBrite, a lighting solutions provider with a storied 50-year heritage in designing mission-critical power electronics. This collaboration was unveiled at the recent Palm Beach International Boat Show.

This strategic partnership will see DuraBrite supplying lighting components to enhance GOST’s security systems.

“Joining forces with GOST is not just about bringing together two leaders in their respective fields, it’s about redefining what’s possible in yacht security and lighting,” said Michael Morris, President of DuraBrite. “Our shared commitment to exceeding customer expectations is what makes this partnership so powerful. Together, we’re setting new standards in the marine industry.”

“GOST is enthusiastic about working with DuraBrite, anticipating numerous potential applications such as long-range SOS signaling and the integration of IR capability into their lights, effectively increasing our night vision capabilities by ten times,” said Jay Keenan, President and CEO, GOST. “Of particular interest to GOST is DuraBrite’s rich background and expertise in engineering solutions for mission-critical applications for military and aerospace where replacement is impractical and sometimes even impossible. This mirrors the durability requirements of GOST’s products built for extreme terrestrial conditions.”

Similarly, Perko, a marine hardware and lighting manufacturer, announced an agreement to collaborate with DuraBrite and bring advanced LED technology to a wider range of recreational and commercial boats in the marine marketplace.

“These customers will have access to the most advanced LED high performance lighting available in the marine marketplace.” said Perko’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Michael DeLillo. “Our current plans call for offering our new Lightship Series which will include standalone assemblies, as well as high output LED retrofit kits to upgrade select models of existing Perko searchlights, and Perko automated searchlight bases, already in service.”

“We always see ourselves as a market disruptor. This strategic alliance is a testament and recognition to
our innovative product design approach and relentless pursuit of excellence.” said Dr. CJ Au, Co-Founder
& CEO, DuraBrite, Inc. “Together, with our shared visions aiming at maximizing safety, efficiency, and user
experience, we will deliver incredible value to our customers, reinforcing our role as pioneers in the
marine industry.”

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