Approve the tax extenders now, then create long-term tax stability

bill yeargin

Bill Yeargin
November 25, 2015

The U.S. Congress is creating an environment of unnecessary uncertainty related to certain tax provisions that is hurting our country and industry. Congress’s handling of these provisions, commonly called “tax extenders,” with inaction and delay creates an environment of instability for U.S. businesses... Read more »

Does your website pass this critical test?

Justin DiVilio

Justin Di Vilio
November 23, 2015

Customers want to find what they’re looking for, and they want to find it quickly. That idea extends to the content on your website and influences more than you might think. How do you ensure that the content your web visitors are looking for is in their line of sight? Start by stepping into your customer’s... Read more »

What will you do ensure a better 2016?


Matt Sellhorst
November 18, 2015

Ever hear that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results? It’s an old saying, I think attributed to Albert Einstein (or at least that’s what the Internet said.) Whoever said it, the idea is true. If you want different, better, easier, more profitable results... Read more »

BoatUS, AMA partnering on ethanol outreach


Jonathan Sweet
November 13, 2015

Ethanol continues to be a big challenge for the boating industry, with engine damage and other issues turning people off of boating. Many consumers still don't understand the steps they need to take to protect against ethanol problems. The Boat Owners Association of The United States is working with... Read more »

New Facebook features help businesses track ad campaigns across locations


By Brianna Liestman
November 11, 2015

If Facebook is a part of your digital marketing strategy, you may want to take note of the latest update. Facebook has introduced two new features aimed at local business advertisers. They are now rolling out an easier way to automatically add information via the Locations tool and are adding local insights,... Read more »

Gevo-ValvTect partnership game changer for isobutanol


Jonathan Sweet
November 6, 2015

It may have escaped your notice, but there was big news earlier this week on the alternative fuel front. Isobutanol -- a safer and more efficient alternative to ethanol -- could soon be making its way to a lot more marinas as producer Gevo signed a deal with ValvTect to distribute isobutanol-blended... Read more »

Why start a New Year out strong but not end it that way?


John Graham
November 2, 2015

Every year, we do it on the same day at the same time. The instant the calendar changes from the old year to the new one, we convince ourselves that this year will be different. We’re going to do everything we didn’t do in the past. It’s such a predictable ritual that it’s become part of our... Read more »

Three out of four adults have changed online behaviors due to cybercrime


By Brianna Liestman
November 2, 2015

After several high-profile data breaches in the past few years, cybercrime is an issue businesses are taking seriously and, it turns out, so are consumers. A recent study from the University of Phoenix has highlighted some important data on how consumers view cybercrime. The study reports nearly three... Read more »

Picture yourself on a Boating Industry cover at MDCE


Jonathan Sweet
October 28, 2015

If you've ever wanted to be on the cover of Boating Industry, you'll get your chance at this year's Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. We'll have Boating Industry cover blow ups in our booth (#127) at this year's show where you'll be able to take a photo of yourself or your team. The best pics will... Read more »

Amazon files lawsuit against users selling fake reviews


By Brianna Liestman
October 27, 2015

The Internet has been described as the new “word of mouth,” particularly with the advent of online reviews. You can see in real time just what other people thank about a business’s services or products, positive or negative. So if someone is providing false information in an online review, it should... Read more »

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