The miracle cure – Blue Mind

By Bill Yeargin

What if there was a simple, fun, safe, and easy method of improving your health physically, mentally, and emotionally? What if the method was not just anecdotal but proven scientifically? Fortunately for those of us who prefer natural cures to our ills, this method does exist, and it is beautifully described by Dr. J Nichols in his excellent book, Blue Mind.

The evidence is compelling: Spending time on, in, near, or under the water benefits you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Several leaders across the boating industry were honored last month to enjoy a one-hour video call with Dr. Nichols as he described his work. Nichols told us about what he has learned through neuroscience using both standard and advanced medical research with EEGs, MRIs, and fMRIs. He also told us stories that demonstrated how water not only benefits our overall well-being but also improves performance in all areas of life.

Water heals in ways that we cannot understand. It helps us mitigate the impact of stress, anger, frustration, and disappointment. It allows the mind to rest and restore while eliminating what Nichols calls “red mind,” resulting from stress, anger, frustration, or disappointment.

The facts are overwhelming; water positively impacts us in substantive ways.

We all know that boating is a ton of fun, but now we know there are more significant benefits to boating than just fun. Boating provides people access to a wonder drug – Blue Mind – which helps make us better physically, mentally, and emotionally. In other words, boating is way more than just good times; it makes people healthier.

At Correct Craft, our teams are very committed to philanthropy and community service. We want to make life better for everyone we encounter. While we hope all boating companies will join us in this commitment to service, the fact is the boating industry is already helping people just by providing boats for them to access the water.

If you want to learn how to make life better through water, I encourage you to pick up the book Blue Mind; it is compelling.

In the meantime, embrace the fact that boating makes people healthier. And those of us in the boating industry are providing a service beyond what most people realize. Boating makes life and people better.

Bill Yeargin is CEO of Correct Craft and author of five books including the best-seller, Education of a CEO.

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