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Saltwater fishing, freshwater pontoon growth translates to outboard engine gains

Mercury Quad 300-610x300

In the wake of the economic downturn, it was the pontoon boat segment that was the first to bounce back. With a strong focus on performance-oriented boats that accepted greater horsepower, the growth of the pontoon category paralleled a coincident growth in outboard power. More recently, the large saltwater fishing boat market has also bounced back, and like pontoons before ...

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Building a better budget


Creating, managing and tracking your dealership’s financials You probably got into the boating industry because it was fun and you wanted to enjoy your job. But you also probably did so with the assumption that you would be making money. So while budgeting may not be the most exciting part of running your dealership, it is without a doubt one that ...

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At the Helm: Products, products and more products


New product is what makes our industry go. Whether it’s new boats, new engine technology or new accessories, innovative products drives boat sales. It’s also one of the areas that, in our annual reader surveys, you tell us you want to see more of. That’s why we’ve made the commitment to increase our product coverage here in the magazine and ...

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Research: Many companies have no plans for exit strategy


Just less than half of marine industry companies have a succession plan or exit strategy for their business. That’s according to the latest survey of Boating Industry print and digital subscribers, conducted by email in March and April. Respondents were a mix of boat dealers, manufacturers, marina owners and others working in the industry. While only 46 percent of readers ...

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The difference between selling and marketing


When asked to write a column on sales and marketing for Boating Industry, it was an unexpected honor. After a week of trying to decide how to begin, I figured the best way to start was to introduce myself and define two key terms. In 2008 after the mortgage meltdown, I made the difficult decision to close down my mortgage ...

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Trailer certification offers risk management, consumer confidence


Sometimes going above and beyond for the customer means doing exactly what is required. Trailer certification programs ensure companies are in accordance with the law. “We can ensure that they’re building all the trailers in accordance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards,” said Pam Trusdale, executive director of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. The standards and regulations required of ...

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Top 100 boat dealers share CSI and customer service strategies

The Boating Industry Top 100 dealers represent some of the best boat dealers in North America. In the Top 100 Spotlight, we share some of their best practices.  It furthers the mission of the Top 100 program: to not only recognize the best dealers, but to share their knowledge and experience with the entire industry.  This month, we share tips ...

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What do you mean, think? I have work to do.


If you want your associates to roll their eyes, look at you as if you’ve lost your marbles, or walk away shaking their heads, tell them that thinking is the best business tool ever made. Like oil and water, Brady and Goodell, and culture and the Kardashians, thinking and business are usually at odds with each other. Taking action is ...

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