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Putting words to the P&L

Joe Cavarretta has sat through enough budget meetings to know that it can be tough to live up to numbers that were put to paper months prior. In today's economy, "tough" can be an understatement of magnificent proportions. But Cavarretta has devised a method, along with fellow managers at Riva Motorsports, a seven-brand powersports dealer in Pompano Beach, Fla., that ...

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The culture to get you through

Ever since I visited powersports dealership West Hills Honda last month, I've been thinking about how vital a company's culture is to its success, especially in today's economy. In a recent blog on HarvardBusiness.org, Peter Bregman described a company's culture as "a complex system with a multitude of interrelated processes and mechanisms that keep it humming along." "Performance reviews and ...

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