A dictionary for more sales

By Matt Sellhorst

Words have power. The power of words can change over time.

For example, if I said Corona just a few months ago, what would pop into your head? A sandy beach, a lime and a beer, right? Now, what pops into your head? As a write this, even my 6-year-old girl Emery would say “the virus.”

This is something that can apply no matter what the world looks like as you read this. Regardless of what boat sales looks like, the value of words will always be key to boat sales success.

Here are some words to avoid and more powerful substitutes to consider.

  • Cost/Price – When they hear “price,” they think they can shop for a better one. Use “total investment” instead.
  • Down Payment – Call it the “initial investment or upfront amount.”
  • Monthly Payment – This takes your buyer back to that one night a month when they’re stressing over all of their payments. Call it “monthly investment or monthly amount.”
  • Contract – Contracts are hard to get out of and fearful for buyers. Call it the “paperwork” or an “agreement.”
  • Buy – People get nervous and fearful when they buy something. Say the word “own” because people do love to own things.
  • Sold – Use the phrase, “get them involved.”  For example, I just sold that family a boat yesterday.
    • “Just yesterday, I helped another family get involved in boating”
  • Deal – This word demeans the integrity of your transaction. Instead, use the word “opportunity.”  Because of the current situation, there is a limited time opportunity on this specific model.”
  • Sign – Don’t ask them to sign anything. Ask them to “OK,” “approve” or “authorize” it, or say “get your autograph.” Make it sound like it’s no big deal.
    • “Once we review and okay the paperwork, we can get you out on the water on Friday at 2 p.m.”
  • Objections – Use “area of concern.”
    • “I know you had a few areas of concern when it came to the options on this model, let me make sure I understand to see of we can figure this out together.”
  • Cheaper – This term demeans the quality and value of your product. Say “more economical” instead.
    • “Our 25-foot is more economical than the other, because we don’t jack up the price with all the extra gizmos and gadgets.”
  • Looker or Shopper – Call them “researchers,” because that’s what buyers do before making a buying decision.
    • “Are you here researching new boats for this summer?”
  • Prospects – You don’t have prospects, you have “future clients.”
    • “What a great boat show last weekend, I spoke with 30 future clients and helped 10 new families own their perfect boat.”
  • Appointment – The term “visit” is much softer and easier to say yes to. 
    • “When would you have time to come in to visit and talk boats?”

There are also some words that can supercharge your current sales scripts and marketing messages.

  • Because – This is one of my favorite words to use in sales and with my kids. The human brain is always trying to figure out or justify ideas with a reason. And, whatever you say after because tells the brain, “oh, that’s the reason” (even if it’s not a super powerful one).
  • Imagine – This word is underutilized. It gets your future buyer in the future mindset where they have taken the action that’s right for them.
    • “Just imagine waking up next Saturday morning, loading up the kids and ripping across the water with the wind in your hair and sun warming your face.”
  • Specifically – This word is excellent to use in a question to get to the real truth. Which answer will be more helpful in your sale? What do you like about that boat? That one word will get you more useful information, because the brain says, “I have to be more exact in my answer.”
    • What specifically do you like about that boat? 
  • Understand – Being understood is one of the most important feelings that will lead to trust and the sale. Asking, let me make sure I understand, so I understand your specific question or just I understand can improve the relationship leading to more sales more often.

I wish these words were magic and worked every time, but that’s not always the case. However, because these words are more powerful, more persuasive and proven, they will increase the number of sales you make when used on a consistent basis.

This month’s challenge: Make a copy of this article and share with all of your sales people in your next sales meeting. Add some words of your own to both categories and discuss how specifically you can use them during your sales process at your dealership. 

Matt Sellhorst is the founder of Boat Dealer Profits Marketing Agency and author of the only business-building book for the retail boating industry, “Boat Dealer Profits; How the SPLASH System can help you sell more boats, make more money and have more fun.” Claim your free copy at www.BoatDealerProfits.com/freebook.

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