Putting boat design in the buyer’s hands

Small numbers of boat buyers working together on the definition and specifications of a yacht and then, when several have expressed an interest in getting the vessel made, finding a builder to manufacture it for them: That’s the concept Truebuild Yachts is working to bring to the boating industry.

The company said this week that it had reached a key milestone as two prospective owners have committed to a design on its “Best Coastal Voyaging Yacht under 40ft” project.

Gene Kohlmann, CEO of Truebuild Yachts believes the two major problems with boat building today are that the purchase price is too high and that a single boat is often designed to appeal to too many people.

”Providing and moderating a professional forum for owners to design the boat of their dreams enables dramatic cost savings to be made while fulfilling the need for individuality,” Kohlmann said in Truebuild’s press release about the project. “The Best Coastal Voyaging Yacht under 40ft is just the first example of many types of “Best” yachts that will be designed and built.”

Kohlmann, who founded in Truebuild Yachts in 2008, has built over 7,000 boats to date during his time working at Ericson Yachts, Pacific Seacraft, Nordhavn Yachts and Northwest Trawlers, according to the press release. He obviously believes Truebuild Yachts will help fill an underserved niche in the boating market.

It’s a very interesting idea. Letting prospective buyers design the product they want built makes all the sense in the world, if there’s a way to make it work for all concerned. Truebuild believes they’ve found that model. To learn more about the company, click here.

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