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When Boating Industry reviewed KONG Coolers’ KONG 50, the only thing we thought the cooler could use to make it unstoppable was a set of wheels. Allow us to introduce the KONG Cruiser, a 50-quart roto-molded cooler made to tackle any terrain you throw at it, without the backbreaking task of carrying it.

With a 40 12-ounce can and 30-pounds of ice at capacity (half ice, half beverages), the capacity size is slightly less than its non-wheeled counterpart, but still offers plenty of room for any necessities you might need. Like the KONG 50, the Cruiser includes the interior divider to keep anything you might want separated, while keeping everything nice and cool.

In terms of maintaining ice, we found the KONG Cruiser to perform just as well as its non-wheeled counterpart, keeping solid ice cubes — at full ice capacity — for right around 10 days, in a variety of weather conditions.

Like other KONG Coolers, the Cruiser features the ability to still open a full 45-degrees when pushed up against a wall, along with the top-down pressure latches for easy use and a tight seal every time.

The Cruiser is also compatible with KONG’s variety of accessories such as a bottle opener, cutting board and Krush Guards.

While the KONG 50 already impressed the team at Boating Industry, the addition of the ready-for-anything rubber wheels and the sturdy steel pull handle made this cooler choice a no-brainer for any needs we had.

Making for easy transport from the house to the car, from the car down the docks to the boat and anywhere else you might need to travel, the Kong Cruiser is ready to tackle anywhere you’re ready to take it.

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