Tapplock one+ Smart Padlock

Sturdy, secure and easy to use, all certainly good things when it comes to a padlock. A simple press of the power button and place your finger on the sensor and you’re unlocked.

What sets the one+ Smart Padlock from Tapplock apart from others is the ability to unlock with a preset user fingerprint, meaning there’s no need to keep track of a key or fumble around with a combination.

With the combination of the free smartphone application and the lock’s fingerprint sensor, we found it extremely easy to set a user for the lock within minutes.

Despite the tech involved, the lock isn’t much bigger than your standard padlock, making it very useful for dock boxes, or keeping fishing tackle and rods secure. On top of a handy size, the lock is also IP67-rated waterproof, which allowed the lock to function perfectly even following complete submersion. The lock is also dust and rust proof.

Basically, this lock can take anything you throw at it and still function with ease. During our testing period, we dropped it in a tub of water, left it submerged for up to 10 minutes, dropped it on rough pavement, you name it, the lock took it.

The Tapplock offers three ways to unlock each padlock for ease of mind: fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking via the Tapplock smartphone app and a backup Morse-Code unlocking by a “press” combination on the power button. All three are easily manageable from the Tapplock app. The smartphone app also allows users to share Bluetooth access with other users. You can even go as far as to set limited access to users with flexible dates and times.

The battery inside the one+ is rated to provide one year — or 3,500 unlocks — of life per charge according to the company. While we weren’t able to test this exactly during our trials, we found the lock continued consistent, quick unlocking, even when locking and unlocking numerous times over a short period. The lock notifies users — both via the lock itself and smartphone app — when the lock’s battery drops below 10%. The lock can easily be recharged via USB, yet should the lock completely die, an 8 second charge from a portable battery pack will awaken the Tapplock for unlocking to be recharged fully. With its manageable size, protection from the elements, and most importantly how easy it is to use, the one+ Smart Padlock from Tapplock makes for a great tool to keep everything from dock boxes to boating equipment safe and secure.

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