Iosso Cooler Cleaner

Iosso’s Cooler Cleaner claims to both remove mildew, stains of all types and deodorize coolers, ice chests, thermos bottles and other plasticware, without harsh chemicals or chorine bleach, all while leaving no odor or residue behind.

To begin, we tested the concentrated powder Cooler Cleaner on a brand new roto-molded cooler that still had a fairly strong new-plastic odor to it. After a good cleaning using the product, the claims held up, no plastic (or any other) odor could be detected after using the cleaner, even after closing and locking the lid for a few days following the cleaning.

To really put the product to the test, we went to work on a well-used, rather stained, old cooler. The cleaner tackled every (mostly unknown) stain inside the cooler and though the cooler didn’t look new thanks to years of scuffs and scratches, it certainly smelled new and clean.

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