Jeppesen and U.S. Power Squadrons form partnership

ENGLEWOOD, COLO., May 24, 2010 — Jeppesen, a provider of vessel operations services and digital navigation solutions, and nationwide non-profit boating organization United States Power Squadrons (USPS) have formed a strategic partnership designed to further marine education and promote safe boating practices, they reported in a recent statement.

Jeppesen and USPS formalized this cooperative effort by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). With the assistance of Jeppesen, USPS will further its education of the boating public and its members in proper use of vector digital charts and related tools in navigating their boats.

“Our efforts and our goals parallel each other in many ways,” said Ken Cirillo, Marine Business Development manager for Jeppesen, who was instrumental in developing the cooperative plan. “The more we spoke with each other, the clearer it became how together we could reach today’s modern boater with much-needed information on safe electronic navigation. This alliance has had an energizing effect on both parties, and we’re looking forward to unveiling some exciting cross promotional and educational initiatives in the future.”

Under the partnership MOU, Jeppesen will provide demonstration and discounted products and services to USPS’ instructors and members including digital charts, software, and membership in Club Jeppesen Marine, a club that promotes the safety of updated navigational charts while providing various consumer benefits. Jeppesen will also work to promote the value and benefits of USPS membership to its customers and the general boating public.

“This partnership will play an important role in our efforts to increase understanding of overall navigational skills and electronic charting among our members and the general boating public,” said USPS Chief Commander Frank A. Dvorak. “The prevalence of electronic navigation and the rapidly evolving digital charting technology demands increased focus in this area — along with a forward-thinking partner to help us inform and educate mariners,” he added.

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