New boating show to air on Outdoor Channel

ORLANDO, Fla. – Matthew Thomas Productions recently unveiled their new drama/reality-based television series, “Whatever Floats Your Boat,” which will begin airing nationally on the Outdoor Channel in January 2006. The 52-week series will focus on the world of recreational boating throughout the United States.

“Whatever Floats Your Boat will bring hours of family entertainment to young and old,” said Tim Inglee, vice president of advertising for Matthew Thomas Productions. “This totally new concept show will bring those that have never owned a boat and those that live for their boats together every week for family fun and excitement.”

In each 30-minute episode, hosts David and Mary will take the viewing audience to lakes, rivers and other boating areas in the United States. As they travel across the country they will meet local experts in a variety of marine activities, learning the latest in boats, products and accessories, boating safety and maintenance. They will also participate in boating related activities such as wake boarding, water skiing and tubing.

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