The Next Generation: Craig LeBlanc

This interview is part of the article The Next Generation.

Craig LeBlanc – Vice President & General Manager
Allen Harbor Marine Service, Harwich Port, Mass.

What do you see as the industry’s biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is securing quality technical employees.

What makes you optimistic about the industry?

Boating is a recreation different from any other.

How can we attract more young people to the industry as boaters? 

We need to publicize the affordability aspects.

What do you think the younger generation brings to the industry?

We bring fresh ideas, energy and a hunger to succeed.

How did you get involved in boating?

My father introduced me to it as a kid.

Why did you join the YLAC?

It looked like a great opportunity to learn from others in the industry and get new ideas.

What can boat builders and other manufacturers do to help dealers be more successful?

Put themselves in the dealer’s shoes when it comes to repairs and customer service. Also they need to be responsive to questions and be more supportive when it comes to servicing older products, as well as be dedicated to filling parts orders for service work.

How has your perspective as a young leader helped you improve your company?

I’ve implemented ideas and methods I’ve learned from others, and getting out of the office to YLAC meetings allows me to see things from outside the box.


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