On the water: 2021 GTI SE 170 full review

During the 2021 boating season, Boating Industry was lucky enough to have two loaner units from BRP Sea-Doo. We took to the water with a new 2021 RXP-X and GTI SE 170 to a create a new, informative and immersive level of content for personal watercraft riders, both new and veteran. Thank you for joining us on this new journey!

Log date: September 8, 2021
Something about the slight chill in the air during our last ride made us think it might be one of our very last for the 2021 season, sadly.

On a happier side, we’re very thankful to still be on the water in early September here in the Midwest. And in our closing moments with our 2021 loaners from Sea-Doo, we wanted to shine a special spotlight on the 2021 GTI SE 170.

With its full redesign in 2020, the GTI SE 170 is the cream of the crop in Sea-Doo’s recreation category of watercraft and one we were certainly thankful to have as part of our loaner fleet for 2021.

Built around Rotax’s 1630 ACE three-cylinder engine, the 2021 GTI platform features Sea-Doo’s newest Polytec hull (aptly named Polytec 2.0) with double the thickness from previous hulls and fiberglass stringers running the length inside for a new level of strength.

The new hull on the GTI is sure to impress any rider from novice to seasoned veteran. With every test we threw at it, the Polytec hull ride was extremely predictable while navigating in any type of waters. That’s not to say we weren’t able to throw it around and have some fun with it — especially with it coming in at a lean 739-pounds — but the tried and true ride will make for a great day on the water in most conditions.

Between the GTI SE’s 42.5 gallons of storage on board, a 16-gallon fuel tank, the optional BRP audio system, a LinQ accessory-ready rear platform and plenty of room for passengers, this machine is more than ready for a completely full day on the water — all while being kind to fuel consumption.

The 170hp engine brought the team up to 50 mph in just over five seconds time and time again and topped out around 55 mph. No, this isn’t the unit to satisfy the biggest performance junkie, but with the power found in the GTI SE 170, it’s easy to say that this is a watercraft that will keep most riders extremely happy for the long haul.

From comfortable riding, moderate fuel consumption, to plenty of storage options and the ability to handle just about any style of riding you’re wanting to do, the GTI SE 170 is a watercraft the BI team would choose time and time again to tackle any challenge.

Thank you again for joining the BI team on this new journey. It’s been so wonderful to have a new experience and get away from the desk and get on the water to enjoy the products we spend so much time writing about. And a very special thank you to the team at Sea-Doo for providing us the loaner units to be able to do so. Here’s to seeing you again soon out on the water!

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