On the water: Accessories

During the 2021 boating season, Boating Industry was lucky enough to have two loaner units from BRP Sea-Doo. We took to the water with a new 2021 RXP-X and GTI SE 170 to a create a new, informative and immersive level of content for personal watercraft riders, both new and veteran. Thank you for joining us on this new journey!

Log date: August 25, 2021
While much of our focus has been on the machines themselves and the experiences they can bring, we wanted to be sure to shine a spotlight on the accessories that have made our time with the 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X and GTI SE 170 a success.

Accessories and safety equipment are crucial components to a good experience on the water.


While not an accessory per se, a quality trailer to haul your machines is of the utmost importance for those of you not living directly on the water. The BRP team was gracious enough to include a 2021 Sea-Doo Move II trailer to pair perfectly with our 2021 RXP-X and GTI SE 170.

The Aluminum Move II comes in at just 367-pounds and features leaf spring suspension, fully-adjustable carpeted bunks, waterproof LED lighting and ours was paired with a marine jack.

The custom frame design featured on the Move family of trailers makes it so less water is required to load or unload your watercraft, which has made for easy, quick load ins/outs at every boat ramp we’ve been challenged with.


While a cover may seem minimal, a quality cover is your best defense against damage during storage and trailering. While many people in the marketplace claim that towing with a cover on can cause damage to watercraft, the difference maker is using a sturdy, high-quality cover designed for your machine.

Sea-Doo’s newest iteration of their OEM covers for both the RXP-X and GTI (among other models) is exactly that. Quality and purpose-made.

A soft inner lining and laminated mesh vents make the Sea-Doo OEM cover more than safe for use while trailering, yet the tough UV-resistant solution-dyed polyester canvas offers protection on the outside from elements in any situation.

The zippered access panels is where the Sea-Doo covers really shine. These openings allow access to mooring cleats, the glove box, front storage bin and rear deck, all while leaving the cover clipped on to the machine.

Moral of the story, don’t skimp out when choosing a cover for your watercraft.


While more of an option than a true accessory, we wanted to take a quick a minute to highlight the BRP Premium Audio System that both our 2021 RXP-X and GTI SE 170 was outfitted with.

Riding on the water to the tune of your favorite music brings a whole new level to the PWC riding experience.

The BRP Premium Audio System features two 50-watt speakers, fully integrated with Bluetooth connectivity. The system offers plenty of volume to hear your music clearly at most speeds underway.

One really big plus of the BRP system, is it allows for use even when the engine is turned off — allowing you to enjoy some tunes while lounging off of the rear platform. But what about draining the battery? No fear, the team at BRP has already thought about that and designed the system to automatically shut off with enough power to restart your machines. Good lookin’ out, Sea-Doo!

Despite their output, the speakers come in a very sturdy yet sleek housing that doesn’t impede on the overall design of the watercraft, making them a great addition to any compatible Sea-Doo.

The above barely scratch the surface of the wide variety of accessories out there to make a day on your watercraft that much more enjoyable. Check out your local Sea-Doo dealer for even more opportunity.

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