On the water: Sea-Doo fishing trip

During the 2021 boating season, Boating Industry was lucky enough to have two loaner units from BRP Sea-Doo. We took to the water with a new 2021 RXP-X and GTI SE 170 to a create a new, informative and immersive level of content for personal watercraft riders, both new and veteran. Thank you for joining us on this new journey!

Log date: August 11, 2021
If you had asked us to go fishing on a watercraft years ago, we would’ve thought you were crazy. And we would’ve certainly assumed that if we had said yes, at some point during the day, we would’ve tipped overboard for sure.

Many of you already know that Sea-Doo offers a very fishing-trip-ready FISH-PRO in its lineup, but that doesn’t mean you need that platform for a great catch on a watercraft.

So, to back that up, the BI team loaded up it’s 2021 RXP-X and GTI SE 170 for a day of fishing on Medicine Lake in Minnesota, just 20 minutes outside of downtown Minneapolis.

While the RXP-X is definitely a race-ready machine and has a little more tip to the hull than the GTI, both of the machines were more than enough for a light day of fishing. The new Polytec 2.0 hull on the GTI offers plenty of stability to handle anything you can throw at it — this is where you probably expect us to tell you we reeled in a monster and a half, but we’re sorry to admit we’re better writers than anglers.

However, we spent the day pulling in a stack of bluegill and the occasional perch.

With ample storage space on both machines, we had more than enough room onboard for small tackleboxes, bait and a small cooler. While our loaner machines didn’t come with rod storage that Sea-Doo’s FISH-PRO holds, we paired our units with SeaSucker’s Single Rod Holder to help us out while riding.

In Sea-Doo’s continuous hull innovations, we’d be comfortable saying any Sea-Doo model is a fishable machine, even if you don’t go for the all-out FISH-PRO. While we might pass on fishing with the RXP-X again, we’d fish off of the 2021 Sea-Doo GTI SE 170 again any day.

All in all, in our time with our loner Sea-Doo units, we’ve discovered the true versatility of today’s personal watercraft. From fishing to watersports and everything in between, Sea-Doos can do just about everything that a boat can do, all while offering you access to locations no boat could ever go.

Click here to join the BI On the water journey on YouTube.

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