TACO launches outrigger tune-up service

TACO Marine has launched a tune-up service program for owners of TACO standard aluminum tele-outriggers or center rigger poles.

The service can be performed on TACO poles within or outside warranty, in good working order, and will professionally restore the poles to like-new condition.

According to TACO, the service is not only intended to extend the life of TACO outrigger poles, but it also extends the warranty. For poles still covered under the original three-year warranty, the tune-up program resets the warranty to three years from the time of service. If the poles are out of warranty, this service provides an additional one-year, limited warranty from the time of service.

Currently, the service is only available to TACO customers within the Continental United States. For complete information including costs, terms and conditions, visit https://tacomarine.com/sport-fishing-store-outrigger-poles-ot-service.

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