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Marketing strategies for growth: Tackling down times

David Gee blog

Why an economic downturn is not  the time to cut back on your marketing By David Gee When was the last time you relied on your gut instinct, or intuition, to guide you or make a decision? When this sixth sense kicks in it creates a primal, immediate response and understanding. There’s no need to think something over or solicit ...

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Deflecting the next downturn

Asset plan analysis is critical before times get tough. Boat and marine product sales plunged deep underwater during the recession, but the industry has roared back in recent years with consistent market growth.  It’s never too early to implement strategies for keeping ahead. Managing key asset metrics and eliminating silent drags on your business now can create maximum efficiency and ...

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How the best dealers manage turns

Over the last decade the boating industry has seen both sides of the inventory challenge.  In the 2007-09 period, we saw dealers stuck with way too many boats when the housing market – and then the rest of the economy – crashed. With dealers dropping left and right and consumers defaulting on loans, excess inventory and repossessed vessels flooded the ...

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Boston dealers rely on “mini” events during downturn

With the indefinite cancellation of the Boston Fall Boat Show, area dealers rely on free-to-attend, comparatively cheap-to-display boat sale events for exposure to prospects. Following the indefinite cancellation of the Boston Fall Boat Show due to the economic downturn, dealers in the area began looking for a low-cost alternative to promote boat sales. Enter the South Shore In-Water Boat Show ...

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We’re headed in the right direction, aren’t we?

When the Boating Industry team recently got into a conversation about how the industry is performing so far this year, there were some varying opinions. It turns out that we were each looking at the data to which we have access – from Spader Business Management and Info-Link Technologies Inc. – a little differently. Here are the conclusions we reached. ...

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