Seattle Sports LocoDry DownUnder ZipDuff

Regardless of vessel size, from kayaks to 40-plus-foot boats and beyond, in the boating world there’s always a chance something is going to find some water that shouldn’t. A dry bag offers the perfect solution to keeping things safe and dry, especially when it comes to keeping electronics or safety items secure and out of the elements.

The new LocoDry DownUnder Zipduff offers plenty of space — with both a 60-liter and 90-liter option — all while providing the user ease of mind that whatever is put inside will stay secure and dry.

The new duffels from Seattle Sports are constructed of a heavy-duty 600D PU coated material, meaning our test unit took any beating we threw at it. The surprisingly easy-to-use T-style waterproof zipper kept the bag gas tight and everything inside safe and dry in any circumstance. Another aspect of the LocoDry DownUnder Zipduff that stood out was the additional protection to the bag offered by a set of heavy-duty feet to protect the bottom of the bag from damage if dragged across a rough surface.

However, dragging the bag will never seem like the only way to transport a heavy load, as the duffel offers either a traditional duffel-style grip strap, or new Ergo LocoModiv shoulder straps. The backpack-style LocoModiv shoulder straps remained comfortable regardless of weight, and offered the ability to carry more in one trip, wearing the bag on our backs freed up our hands for other items.

All in all, the new LocoDry DownUnder Zipduff offers great ease of use, but more importantly ease of mind, knowing safety items, electronics and anything else you want protected from the elements remains secure and dry, no matter the situation.

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