Weego 66.1 Jump Starter

Whether you find yourself dead in the water in need of a kick-start to your battery, requiring a little extra light, or want some extra juice in your phone — and even more beyond that — the 66.1 Jump Starter from Weego has you covered.

Designed and engineered in the U.S., the 66.1 Jump Starter offers enough power to jump any gas engine or 5-liter diesel engine. On top of that the lithium-polymer battery offers 12V accessory power, 19V laptop charging and up to 30 hours of light from the 66.1’s 600-lumen flashlight.

Though slightly larger than some of the other jump starters on the market, the unique shape and contour of the 66.1 makes the 2.5-pound jump starter easy to handle and compact enough to easily store in boat storage compartments or boat bags.

The jump starter’s IP65 rating for water, dust and dirt stood up to any challenge we could throw at it and remained easy-to-handle in the harshest of conditions.

The included Smarty Clamps from Weego proved easy to manage with well-designed hinges for extra-wide openings, and long enough cables for easy use, without being too long to become easily tangled.

Weego’s 66.1 combination of easy to follow instructions and simple-to-use device design made the product simple to take right out of the box and know how to accomplish whatever task is needed.

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