MyCharge Adventure Jump Start & Portable Powerbank

For those looking for a portable jump starter and powerbank that might be a little more compact, look no further than the Adventure Jump Start & Portable Powerbank from MyCharge.

In terms of size, the 1.2-pound Adventure is a little larger than your average smartphone, but packs a punch in power with a 400A peak jump start current and 200A sustained jump start current. The 6600mAh lithium-ion battery offers users power to jump car, boat, ATV, etc. batteries, and charge phones, tablets and other USB devices.

The Adventure from MyCharge also features an integrated LED flashlight with an SOS function, should users need to signal for help. However, in testing we felt the flashlight function deserved its own on/off button, instead of being tied in with the device’s power button.

Though not helpful for Apple product users, the built-in micro-USB cable was an excellent addition to the device, leaving one less thing for the user to forget at home.

The jumper cable attachment offered enough cable for maneuverability, and the varied lengths between the positive and negative clamp cords made it simple to keep track of both cords, without the risk of becoming tangled. The attachment also featured easy-to-follow instructions for using the device to jump a battery.

Despite not offering some of the all-environment, all-weather protections as others on the market, the compactness and ease-of-operation makes MyCharge a great safety accessory for any boating to keep on hand for emergencies.

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