Brunswick Corp. expands BoatClass with new locations

Brunswick Corporation announced the expansion of its BoatClass program, an on-water training program designed to teach boating safety and assist boaters in gaining confidence on the water. New for 2023 and in partnership with Freedom Boat Club, BoatClass will be available in major markets across the U.S. where Freedom has an established presence, including: 

  • Anacortes, Wash.  
  • Atlanta, Ga. (Lake Lanier)  
  • Chicago, Ill.  
  • Clemson, S.C. (Lake Hartwell) 
  • Freeport, N.Y.  
  • Huntington Beach, Calif.
  • Milwaukee, Wis. 
  • Tampa, Fla.  

“Safety is a top priority here for us at Brunswick and across all of our brands,” said Cheri Radovancevic, General Manager of Business Services. “BoatClass is a differentiator in the marketplace by modernizing the boat training experience giving participants a hands-on opportunity to learn and master the skills necessary to be comfortable and confident at the helm.”  

Initially launched in 2021, BoatClass has grown to eight locations and offers participants a three-hour basic boater training course led by a Certified US Coast Guard Captain. The program consists of 100% on-water training to master techniques such as, shifting and throttle control​; turning, stopping, backing drills​; 360- to 720-degree pivot turns​; docking drills​; crossing wakes and wave; speed zone adjustments​; anchoring theory and techniques​; utilizing boat trim​; ferrying; and returning to the slip​. This course utilizes the same training methods that have been successful for decades throughout the Freedom Boat Club network. 

“Our program is intended to appeal to the next generation of new boaters as well as boaters who are looking to refresh their on-water skills,” continued Cheri Radovancevic, General Manager of Business Services. “We are passionate about making the waterways safe for all and attracting the next generation of boaters, and we believe BoatClass is an excellent entry point to the on-water lifestyle.”  

Additionally, as part of the partnership with Freedom Boat Club, after completing their BoatClass course, 2023 graduates will receive a waiver for New Member Orientation on-water training and a reduced entry fee offer, available within 30 days of graduating and applicable to the club they graduated from if they chose to become a Freedom member. 

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