Sailfish Boats does a brand refresh

Sailfish Boats announces brand refresh

After more than seven months of a comprehensive brand evaluation, defined by market research, an agency review and collaboration with several new marketing partners, Sailfish Boats is introducing a newly evolved brand message and look.

“The research showed that our message was being heard by our owners, but to the rest of the market, it was very clear we needed to tell them who Sailfish is and what we are about,” said Vice President of Sales & Marketing Matthew Vetzner in a press release. “Our creative objective is to reward and rejoice with our current owners for making the ‘right’ decision, while simultaneously sharing the reasons why Sailfish Boats deserves to be part of the consideration set for a consumer’s next boat.”

The revamped brand messaging and creative were developed by Sailfish and its agency partners to present a renewed and updated brand story in fresh, compelling new ways. A major component of this storytelling is a new catalog that takes the guise of a magazine. This format serves as a more inviting, conversational platform to illustrate the quality, usability, durability, and return on investment story that was key for owners to choose Sailfish and invite prospective buyers into the family. In the near term, the new look and brand message conveyed in the catalog will also appear in print and digital ads, dealer showroom point-of-sale elements, videos, and all subsequently created materials.

Additionally, a full website redesign and platform upgrade are being implemented to support the brand’s renewed marketing focus. Sailfish Boats has partnered with Marine Dealer Solutions (MDS) to bring the web design and user experience to life. Sailfish has also chosen to use MDS’s lead management platform, CallersIQ, along with their Fast Response lead nurturing process, to communicate with prospects throughout their decision-making journey. The new will now include a boat builder configurator, deeper explanation of the proprietary Sailtech construction process, enhanced dealer locator functionality, and expanded photo and video functionality.

To bring these anticipated marketing materials to life, Sailfish invested in extensive still photography and video production, partnering with Fort Lauderdale–based Veteran Media Group. VMG has produced a new brand video along with all-new model-specific hype videos for each of the Sailfish models.

The last piece of the marketing enhancement strategy is the involvement of Annie Brown of Downtown Annie Brown. She has revitalized the social presence of the brand through the creation of original content, including frequent activity via social media channels, a monthly blog, and the Factory Friday video series. Since Annie’s involvement began, Sailfish’s social following and engagement have increased sixfold, extending the reach of the energized marketing and brand message.

Vetzner concluded, “We are excited to introduce this evolved brand message and the supportive marketing materials that will tell our story of who, what and why Sailfish. The collaboration and efforts of all involved have produced incredible content and the promise of great things to come.”

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