Manitou unveils its model year 2022 lineup

Manitou unveils its model year 2022 lineup, which brings more power and premium features to a lineup of performance, luxury and leisure pontoon boats.

“The best days on the water are those that can’t easily be put into words, with memories that will
last a lifetime,” said Garrett Koschak, manager, global product strategy, Manitou, in a company press release. “That’s our focus every single day at Manitou. Being on the water is a unique opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and whether you’re looking to have a relaxing cruise or ultimate thrills, Manitou has a model that is perfect for you.”

Manitou’s sport and luxury XT and LX models are now certified with a maximum 900 horsepower rating. With the Manitou V-Toon technology hull, as speeds increase, the natural ability of a hull to heel becomes increasingly important, not only for comfort, but safety.

Manitou has solved this by doing more than just adding a third tube bolted to the deck of its pontoons. The patented Manitou V-Toon technology was engineered to optimize performance, beginning with the size and precise positioning of the center tube. It is this precise positioning, along with strategically placed positive angle lifting strakes, that results in the exact degree of deadrise and water displacement needed to simulate the standard v-hull. With the right amount of speed and angle of surface, a boat will plane, or lift to the top of the water.

Boaters can also add an optional Mercury VesselView display, which allows them to monitor engine data and access select SmartCraft engine controls on one intuitive digital interface. In addition, with optional Mercury Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO) controls, low-speed maneuvering on a Mercury-equipped Manitou boat becomes easier.

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