White River Marine Group acquires Hatteras

White River Marine Group announced a significant expansion of its saltwater manufacturing footprint with the acquisition of Hatteras Inc., in New Bern, North Carolina.

The brand will become part of the White River Marine Group. The company’s family of brands includes Tracker, Mako, Ranger, Triton, Tahoe, Nitro and others.

The addition will shift the focus of the company’s saltwater manufacturing from the Midwest to the Atlantic seashore, closer to the saltwater market and a thriving community of craftsmen and women. Importantly, the purchase represents an investment in New Bern, North Carolina’s long history of boat building and the jobs it sustains.

“We are inspired by the many similarities between the pride and passion of the master boat builders from our home
in the Ozarks and the legendary boat builders of North Carolina and the New Bern area in particular,” stated a company promotional piece. “Both share the same genuine commitment to American craftsmanship, with scores of family members working together and generations of highly experienced boat builders taking pride in what they do. We’re committed to support Hatteras in staying true to its roots as a legendary saltwater brand built by a passion for fishing while expanding our operations to better serve all those who love the sea.”

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  1. Thank you for your confidence in the Hatteras brand and the great manufacturing facility that is in place in New Bern. As a long time boat owner, two of which were older Hatteras yachts, I am thrilled to hear that White River Marine Group will play a significant role in the re-emergence and bright future of the legendary brand name, Hatteras Yachts. It will be exciting to witness!
    George R. Scott

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