President Trump commits to expanding E15

Closeup of Diesel pump nozzle refilling boat tank.

Last weekend, President Donald Trump promised to loosen a restriction on the sale of higher-ethanol fuel blends like E15, which drew strong objections from the recreational boating community. Once final, the policy change would allow E15 to be dispensed from pumps made for lower-biofuel blends, including E10.

In response, NMMA urged the administration to reverse its decision. According to NMMA, the proposal would flood the marketplace with the dangerous and environmentally destructive E15, make E10 more scarce, and put hundreds of millions of American consumers at risk.

While several details about the policy change remain to be disclosed, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to address the issue through its regulatory process before the end of the year. NMMA said it will continue to monitor the situation and advocate for limiting the spread of E15 in the fuel supply.


  1. As with most things people only look at price not cost. E10 has been a disaster for the Marine industry. E15 can only be worse. More water in fuel and greater phase seperation resulting in higher repair cost to marine fuel systems vented to atmosphere. This type of fuel has a very short life span next to ethanol free fuel.

  2. Is this really an issue now with rec fuel being available
    NMMA has spent millions lobbying this to no avail

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