Inmarsat/PORT-IT host cyber security webinar

Mobile satellite communications company Inmarsat is joining with partner PORT-IT to host a cyber security webinar for yacht management professionals on Thursday.

Entitled ‘Could you spot the signs of a cyber-attack?,’the online event will update participants on the most effective measures to ensure on-board systems are properly protected and will also provide advice on how to identify the tell-tale signs of a cyber-attack.

Inmarsat’s senior vice president Peter Broadhurst said, “The reality is that modern vessels and seafarers are prime targets for cyber-attacks and those using just a standard antivirus program are vulnerable. However, with an in-depth, multi-layer cyber defense, today’s vessels can be protected.”

As the expansion of digitalization in the yachting sector continues, more cyber attacks are threatening vessel systems, the integrity of personal data and the on-board IT infrastructure.

Despite this, more than 80% of captains, chief engineers and ETOs claim to have a lack of awareness about cyber security, according to the Inmarsat Connectivity Report 2019.

The webinar takes place on Thursday, April 9th. Anyone interested in joining can find out more and register here.

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