Yar-Craft introduces updated 219 TFX

During Yar-Craft’s annual “Excellence in Action” Dealer Meeting held in Branson, Miss., Yar-Craft boats introduced its 2020 Model 219 TFX. It’s rated for up to a 400hp engine and carries 60 gallons of gas.

“Whenever you’re on big water chasing big fish, especially for big money, this is the deep-hulled boat that you need to get you out there safely and then back to the dock,” said Rick Pierce, President of Bass Cat and Yar-Craft Boats.

The 219 TFX has a weight-forward design that the manufacturer says allows for a smooth ride. The updated design features a 9-foot center rod compartment and a 13-foot side rod compartment.

Additional innovations include a built-in net scabbard and measuring board holder, along with an all-in-one dash panel.

Reigning NWT Angler of the Year, Brett King, who contributed to the product’s revamp, said that Yar-Craft is “closing out its 50th year with a new beginning. Pictures simply cannot do this new 219 TFX justice. You have to lay eyes on it and take a guided tour to fully understand how impressive it is. We had one of the fastest hulls on the market before and now you’re certainly going to want to turn your hat backwards and hang on.”

The new 219 TFX will go into production this summer following the completion of on-water testing and production validation.

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  1. when is your new 219 going into production?

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