Dometic introduces dual-use, retractable marine galley

Dometic has introduced the marine industry’s first retractable galley that can function both inside and outside of the cabin.

The compactly designed smart kitchenette needs less space inside and can then convert the open deck of the yacht into a perfect al-fresco dining area.

Outdoor kitchen ideas have become a trendy concept among home owners and forward-looking boat builders are introducing the concept to the market.

However, creating galley areas both inside and outside takes a lot of resources and creates additional maintenance for boat owners.

Dometic is one of the few vendors who has a wide enough range of products to be able to create a complete solution.

The Dometic Slide-Out Kitchen, originally designed for 4X4s on the road, is compact in design but durable and corrosion resistant.

Inside the cabin, the kitchenette is a compact unit. Outside, it turns the sunny deck into an open-air galley and the person preparing food and drink can mingle with friends and family on the deck while cooking.

Key Benefits

  • One-stop shop. Boat builders can get compactly packaged full function galley.
  • No need for dual galley. One kitchenette can service both inside and outside of the cabin.
  • Gives the owner the flexibility to simply entertain inside or outside depending on their mood or weather.

Other Features

  • Corrosion Resistant: Aluminum and stainless-steel construction.
  • Easy Storage: Dual access compartments to keep equipment secure.
  • Easy Installation: Protected flexible piping for gas and water drainage tube
  • Easy to clean: No pooling of excess water.
  • Easy to use: Multi-functional accessories and excellent heating performance.

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