MyTaskit Pro releases 8.1 operations module

MyTaskit today announced the release of the MyTaskit Pro 8.1 Operations module. The new release is integrated with Worldpay’s online payment gateway, which will meet the EMV and Chip & Pin Requirements, soon to become the industry standard.  Customers using the new module can use all major credit/debit cards in a safe, secure environment.

MyTaskit Pro merges The Boat Village Pro and DockMaster – into one centralized online service coordination tool.  The Operations module (formerly DockMaster) is designed to help marinas and boat yards manage profit centers and back-office operations. Using the Operations module of MyTaskit Pro, users can automate and operationalize work order processing, record keeping, invoicing and reporting all in one place for increased efficiencies and smoother service delivery.

Additional enhancements in the 8.1 Operations module release include: Worldpay Gateway integration for the following: Stored Credit Card and ACH profiles for customers; Point of Sale, Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts and Reservations transactions for Swiped, Pin-based debit, ACH and stored profiles. The new integrated card processing has also enabled tip and service charge transactions.  With service charges, Point of Sale now has the ability to flag items for a service charge or not when sold at Point of Sale.

The new release reduces fraud by working with chip-embedded credit cards, which offer more security features than magnetic strip credit cards. Once the industry fully adopts EMV, if a merchant has failed to upgrade to a chip-capable point of sale terminal, and credit-card fraud happens, the merchant, not the financial provider may be responsible for covering the loss. Up till now, credit card issuers have always covered fraud.

“With the 8.1 Operations module, our customers will be well-prepared to face the new card industry rules, and offer boat owners safe and secure payment options,” said Jack M. Stutts, Senior Product Specialist at MyTaskit.  “Having the latest-technology billing systems is no longer a luxury—if marinas and boat yards want to protect themselves against fraudulent billing and grow their businesses, it’s essential.”

Other enhanced features include order entry integrated into the Inventory and Point-of-Sale modules for order processing, so that orders can be taken, quoted, picked and billed from within the order or pulled into Point of Sale for cash drawer management, will call, and adding additional items. The new software release also offers additional capability to link to online carts and e-commerce.

The Operations module of MyTaskit Pro is now more closely integrated with the Coordination module of MyTaskit Pro. Customers and boat records can be synced/copied between the two modules without duplicate entry. Any changes to either system will update the “other side” so that records are kept in sync.

“MyTaskit continues to innovate so that our Coordination and Operations modules work seamlessly together,” said Bob Beckley, SVP of Operations. Other enhancements coming this year include automated server updates to install software updates; improvements to the reporting module to enable users to customize their own reports with file formats, including design elements and bar codes; and the ability to schedule reports to run at specific frequencies, such as daily, weekly, etc.

The consumer side of MyTaskit Pro is MyTaskit for boat owners, formerly known as The Boat Village, which enables boat owners and captains to order maintenance and repair service online and manage every aspect of their boat digitally. Once consumers register for MyTaskit, a free Web application accessible via any desktop or mobile device, consumers can manage their boat and keep all records online including insurance, registrations, onboard equipment, digitized operating manuals, and more. Since MyTaskit launched in April, more than 3,000 consumers have signed up for the service.

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