Glacier Bay launches fall incentives

TARBORO, N.C. — Glacier Bay Catamarans, which recently combined with its main competitor, World Cat, has begun shipping its 26-foot boats and is offering $5,000 toward any new 26-foot model, according to a release from the company.

To qualify for the discount, the purchase of a 2010 model must be completed by Dec. 15, the company said.

In addition to the models available now, Glacier Bay said it is also developing a line of 17’ to 25’ entry-level catamarans, to debut next spring.

In related news, Glacier Bay is launching a new campaign to promote the advantages of catamarans over mono-hulls.

“Our goal is to grow the catamaran niche in the US,” Chris Brockway, president of Glacier Bay, said in the release, “and I know we can achieve this goal: we have a strong company, a great message, a broad product line, and most importantly, we have a customer base that’s passionate about telling our story.”

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