Goetz Custom Boats emerges from receivership

BRISTOL, R.I. — Goetz Custom Boats has emerged from receivership as Goetz Custom Technologies LLC, the company reported in a statement this week. Goetz hired back its entire staff in late January after being forced to lay them off because of hard financial times.

Since then, Goetz Custom Technologies LLC purchased the assets of Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats Inc. from a state appointed receiver and is now in full operation in its 45,000 square foot facility in Bristol.

“In this transfer, we very much appreciate the gratifying personal loyalty of the employees and the unwavering support of industry partners through what has admittedly been a difficult transition for us,” Eric Goetz of Goetz Custom Technologies said in the statement.

Goetz employees are currently on the job and working to complete two 82-ft. sailboats, one for luxury cruising and one for the racing circuit, according to the company.

Going forward, in addition to its core manufacturing business, Goetz Custom Technologies will add a brokerage and a charter division to increase service to customers as well as add a non-manufacturing profit center, the company reported.

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