Builder hopes Bermuda voyage will spur sales

HUDSON, Fla. — Ralph Brown, owner of Dream Boats Inc., in Hudson, Fla., recently completed a 1,547 mile sea voyage in the 21-foot Intruder flats boat he designed, according to a article on

The journey began April 30 in Atlantic Beach, N.C. and ended May 11 in the New York Harbor.

Brown, along with his brother Bob, traveled south to Bermuda, where they stayed for a week waiting for storm conditions to dissipate, and then took the boat north along the Eastern seaboard toward Ellis Island.

Brown is a financial planner, but boats are his passion, and he undertook the trip for some much-needed publicity.

So far, Brown has sold 12 boats, most of which were test models. He has spent most of his time in research and development, but he hopes to begin mass-producing his boats in the near future, according to the article.

“I’ve been getting quite a few phone calls,” he told the reporter. “I have someone coming down Friday from out of state.”

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