Godfrey switches buying groups post-merger

MARIETTA, Ga. – Less than a month after Godfrey Marine and Rinker Boat Co. shared news of their merger with the industry, Godfrey has switched buying groups, according to the American Boatbuilders Association, Inc.

Godfrey had originally belonged to the Independent Boat Builders Inc., while Rinker was an ABA member. Now, both belong to ABA.

“Godfrey Marine and ABA are an ideal fit because we share the same core values, have strong leadership, and similar relationships with employees, dealers, and suppliers,” stated Jay Patton, ABA president. “Godfrey’s membership will be mutually beneficial for both parties and our key suppliers, while the volume growth secures ABA’s leadership position in the marketplace.”

Certainly, the added volume is welcome. ABA lost Triton as a member this year when Brunswick Corp. acquired the company, resulting in a decrease in ABA member volume of about 6,000 units.

“We respect the professional approach Jay Patton and his team have used in representing the ABA members in negotiating purchasing agreements with superior quality suppliers for many key components and raw materials used to manufacture pleasure boats,” said Bob Deputy of Godfrey.

Godfrey Marine will participate on the ABA Board of Directors and on all Purchasing, Technical, and Engine Committees.

Other ABA members include Chaparral, Cobalt, Correct Craft, Ebbtide, Grady-White, Monterey, Regal, Rinker, S2-Yachts, Pursuit, Stingray, and Thunderbird.

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