New marine electronics company opens

MARSHFIELD, Mass. - Marine electronics veteran George Lariviere recently launched a new company named Whiffletree Corp., which offers consulting services for marine electronics manufacturers and distribution to marine electronics dealers, the company reported in a press release.

Lariviere, who has won numerous awards - including the NMEA Lifetime Achievement Award earlier this year - is now focusing on Whiffletree's current product range, which includes Navtex and AIS systems, GMDSS handheld radios, ECS, 406 MHz beacon testers and other test equipment.

Lariviere is credited with creating the category of GPS-EPIRBs, for which he won the 1999 Seatrade Award, Freeman Pittman Innovation Award and NMEA Product Award, one of a dozen NMEA awards he has collected during his 38 years in marine electronics.

Prior to launching Whiffletree Corp., Lariviere had been a marine electronics dealer and a radar and radio technician for Brocks Electronics.

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