Suzuki offers engine owners auto rebates

BREA, Calif. – American Suzuki Motor Corp. has begun a nationwide “Owner Loyalty Program” for owners of its four-stroke outboard motors – offering them rebates on the purchase of sport utility and other Suzuki automobiles – the company said in a release today.

Boaters who currently own any size Suzuki outboard motor (and have proof of ownership) are eligible for a $1,000 factory rebate on the purchase of any new Suzuki SUV, or a $500 rebate on the purchase of any new Suzuki automobile, according to the engine builder.

“Suzuki outboard owners know from experience that our line of four-stroke outboards are powerful, fuel-efficient and tough-as-nails out on the water,” said Larry Vandiver, marketing director for Suzuki Marine. “We want to help them experience the great ride we can give them on the road, too – plus reward them for their loyalty to the Suzuki brand.”

The program also extends to owners of Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs, offering them the same cash rebates on the purchase of new Suzuki SUVs and cars.

The offer expires Sept. 30, the company said.

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