Westport facility officially opened

PORT ANGELES -- Seven months after construction began, Westport Shipyard Inc. will officially open its new yacht-building facility today, the Peninsula Daily News reported in an article Sunday.

More than 500 people are expected to be at the 102,000 square-foot, 72 foot-high facility’s grand opening, according to the newspaper.

``We'll christen the building Monday, and hopefully in about two years, we'll christen the first boat,'' Lee Taubeneck, Westport Shipyard Port Angeles general manager told the Daily News.

The $13 million facility will be the site for construction of the world's largest "production" super yacht at 164 feet long, which will sell for a reported $27.5 million, reported the newspaper.

The building, constructed by Fisher and Sons of Burlington, is located a 3-acre site that Westport bought from the Port of Port Angeles for $530,000.

The company is anticipating employing 200 workers at the facility in 2004, according to the article.

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