Sailing industry to boost Grow Boating contributions

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. – Over 7,000 people expressed interest in sailing on the site as a result of the Discover Boating ad campaign this year, Sail America reported in its newsletter yesterday.

“The sailing industry’s investment in the Grow Boating Initiative has already begun to reap returns, as thousands of prospects discovered sailing resources through the Discover Boating website,” said the association’s new executive director, Jonathan Banks. “We believe Sail America has already enjoyed excellent value for the industry’s investment in the campaign.”

Sail America contributed $75,000 to the Grow Boating Start Up Fund in 2004 and through the engine assessment, sailboat builders now contribute about $60,000 per year. But Sail America is now working on a new funding model that will increase its members contributions to the Grow Boating Initiative, which produces the Discover Boating ad campaign.

“Going forward, the sailing industry will need to make a more equitable contribution to ensure our ongoing participation and exposure,” added Banks.

Sail America said that the 2007 Discover Boating ad campaign will have a new “experience boating’ theme based on the existing strategy that “boating connects like no other.” One additional broadcast commercial will be added to the two run this year, and the print campaign will be all new.

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