Be a coach

By Adam Quandt

While surfing my LinkedIn feed recently, I came across a post from Leadership First titled “7 C’s to build a winning team,” that struck a chord with me. The post broke building a great team into coaching, character, communication, commitment, contagious energy, caring and consistency. After reading these characteristics, I immediately thought of the Boating Industry Top 100 Dealers and how they exemplify all of them.

However, there was one characteristic in particular that stood out to me, as I believe it encompasses the others, and that’s coaching. Being a coach to your team helps build not only a great team, but a great team that will last through the years.

As a coach, you have the ability to show character to your team, through your actions as a leader. This character sets the stage for the character your employees bring to your customers.

When you coach, you set the bar for the level of communication you want to see across your dealership and through your team. Clear communication from top to bottom, not only makes your customers happier, but also makes the work environment healthier for your team.

A coach is the starting point to share and show a commitment level to the dealership. If you’re committed as a coach and your show that commitment in everything that you do, chances are your team will match that level of commitment.

Similar to your commitment level, the energy level you put into your dealership is contagious to the rest of the team. If you exhibit high-level and positive energy, your team will come to know that as the expectation and match.

While a motivating coach pushes their team further toward success, in order to be a winning coach and build a great team, you must also be caring. A coach shows care not only in what they’re doing, but also are toward their team.

Lastly, as a coach, you must be consistent with all of the aforementioned characteristics. If you are consistent with all of these as a coach to your team, not only will your team work harder and serve customers better than ever before, but they will be with you for the long haul and through thick and thin.

In this particular issue, we honor the 2021 40 Under 40. Pay special attention to the honorees’ answers to questions regarding mentors (or coaches) who helped them get to where they are today, as well as what they believe leadership means, as they prepare to be the coaches to the next generation.

2021 Top 100 applications available now!

We’re geared up for another great year of the Top 100 program! Applications for the 2021 Boating Industry Top 100 are now available for you to begin filling out, at

There will again be two different applications, depending on your goals. The new, streamlined application has reduced the number of questions by half. If your goal is simply to be part of the Top 100, you can fill out this easier application. You’ll still be required to provide your financial information and other basic information, but there are fewer questions requiring long, in-depth answers.

Alternatively, if your dealership’s goal is to be considered for top awards such as the Best in Class awards and Dealer of the Year, you can fill out the full application. This form is similar to the previous Top 100 application and allows us to take a deeper dive into your dealership. Remember, myself and the rest of the Boating Industry team are always here to help you along the way and answer any questions you might have about the Top 100 program.

Adam Quandt is the Managing Editor and Top 100 Program Director for Boating Industry. You can reach him via email at

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