Save money on Google Adwords by boosting your Quality Score

Paid search is a wonderful way to precisely target your prospective customers, but it’s not exactly the most intuitive way to advertise.

All those menus, all that jargon and piles of competing advice make getting an ad online a bit of a headache for the uninitiated.

But before you start targeting, grouping keywords and running campaigns, there is one big thing that any advertiser needs to address: Quality Score.

Quality Score is a central piece to any Google Adwords campaign, but it’s also one of the easiest to understand. According to Google, a high Quality Score will boost an ad’s ROI because it brings people to relevant pages for their search. But it can also save a lot of money for the advertiser by slashing bid prices; which can really ad up if an advertiser isn’t careful.

Google has a long list of factors that go into a Quality Score, but the first thing to do is find or create a high-quality landing page for your ads.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.58.04 AMLet’s say I’m hoping to get some leads for my dealership selling Cobalt Boats. I want my ads to show up for the keyword “Cobalt Boats” for everyone within 50 miles of my business. The first thought might be to direct those ads right to my homepage and let the customer look around. So I try that, and what do I see when I check my quality score? I see the image to the right.

Right in the middle, with a big “Below Average” making me feel less than stellar. Why? Well, the homepage of my site doesn’t say a whole lot about Cobalt Boats or that I specifically sell the brand.

So how can I drive that Quality Score up and get cheaper bids? Well, I’ll just direct the ad to my Cobalt Boats listings. It’s packed with descriptions, specifications and photos for all my Cobalt listings. To Google’s algorithm, this is a much more relevant page for my chosen keyword. Its cut my bid prices almost in half just by raising my Quality Score from five to eight.Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.17.35 AM

Try it out, just by changing where an ad lands can radically change how an Adwords campaign works.

Of course, if a business doesn’t have a good landing page for its desired keywords, one must be made. But making a landing page deserves it’s own blog, so stay tuned.

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