Automate your summer job postings

Summer is almost here. More people will be on the water, more people will be buying boats and more people will be parking at marinas across the country.

The only thing standing between you and a successful summer is the arduous process of finding seasonal help. Between writing a job posting, placing that listing someplace, interviewing and dealing with all that paperwork takes a whole lot of time. Well, it’s still going to take some work, but one step of the process can easily be automated.

When a business is looking to hire someone, the confusing duty of submitting all those postings to various job boards typically falls on some poor marketing or HR person. Figuring out all the quirks, signing up for all the boards and getting access to the company card for listing fees can eat a lot of time.

That time, of course, could be better spent on marketing or getting all the paperwork ready for that new hire. So automate it!

There are several services out there, but one of the most sleek entries in the field is ZipRecruiter. The SaaS company takes that job posting and automatically posts it to dozens of job boards, including specialized technical/mechanic boards as well as veteran specific boards. So instead of spending hours going through the more than 70 job boards out there, that marketing specialist can get back to their specialty.

The service also makes it easy to send that listing out to social media and drop in your email communications for more targeted messaging.

Sure it costs money, ZipRecruiter weighs in at $99 a month for a basic plan. Other similar services like iApplicants and CATS dip down to $40-50 and manage to do about the same thing. But if an employee is spending several hours submitting a job posting, it can be well worth the price. And cancelling is an easy process after that new service tech or marina attendant is on the job.

Good luck with those summer hires!

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